ZERO STOCK-Antique Qing Dynasty String Gnomon Sundial

ZERO STOCK-Antique Qing Dynasty String Gnomon Sundial

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SOLD  A unique example of a unusually big brass and enamel Qing Dynasty sundial most likely made around 1800  by a Chinese maker following western design. The sundial is well ornate with colorful glass stones and enamel hour dial.

This nice setting has the leveling screws ending with 3 wonderful red color glass rocks, a nicely decorated brass bubble level, a hinged gnomon support and a nice enamel face compass with needle pointing South.

What's unique about this device is the bottom brass leveling frame that is still in his place/not missing, compared with the vast majority of sundials presented in museums and other collections. The dimension is big for this kind of instrument 167mmL X 112mmW X 48mmH. The device has most of the parts present and has a nice patina. Noted that the gnomon string, the plumb bob and three of the bottom screws are a latter addition.