Zero Stock- Antique Equinoctial Compass Sundial

Zero Stock- Antique Equinoctial Compass Sundial

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SOLD Below is a fine example of a late 19th century brass equinoctial sundial made in France. The device features include: an hour scale with 15 minutes divisions, a delicate spring loaded gnomon, a foldable latitude ark with divisions from 0-60 degrees, a base plate with two levels and three adjustable screw in legs to indicate when the compass is horizontal. This device is very accurate  and was used by wealthy travelers in long journeys and by army officers in their campaigns. The condition of this sundial is very good, has a little wear and tear due to age and one of the leveling legs has a small bent. Also the leather top of the fitted case has dried out. Dimensions (of dial): 100mm length and 40mm height.

This nice sundial makes a very nice addition to your collection of early navigation or time keeping instruments.